Guess what I got in the mail

Not just one agents postcard, but seven.

One of them stuck out compared to the rest. What I loved about that agents marketing is that it had niche marketing built into the copy. It only constituted about 12.5% of the entire piece, but it was there, and that’s better than the rest.

What was the niche market she targeted? Her neighbourhood.

It starts with: Hi there, I’m ______ and I live in right here in the Palmer area of Burlington.

This tells me two things about the agent right away.

First, she is in the same neighbourhood as I am. So if I were interested in selling, I would be willing to give her a call and get her thoughts since she lives around the corner from me. It can be that simple.

Second, she needs to proofread her copy better. This is a HUGE deal because it speaks to their attention to detail, which is essential as an agent. Please make sure you proofread your copy multiple times slowly out loud to make sure it’s right.

The rest of the ad is relatively stereotypical.

Multiple headshots of the agent which still confuses me.
A few reviews to provide social credibility, which is smart.
Some bullet points with unproven claims on the back, some of which need proofreading.

When you create a marketing piece, remember to think about it through your niche market’s eyes. What are they looking for? How are you connecting to them? Is it written in the context of what you can do for them or how they will benefit from you?

That last question is critical!!

It’ll define if your marketing is geared to helping your specific niche or just talking about what you do.