Where do you get your knowledge?

This week I am sitting in on four days of tax training for accountants. 
Why am I sitting in on accountant tax training when I’m not an accountant? Partially because I am a glutton for punishment. But primarily so that I can understand your needs better.
To be clear, I am not a tax guru by any means. 80% of what they are talking about is going over my head. But I am listening in on four days of training to learn the other 20% and how to adapt that for real estate agents.
I’m learning how your PREC is going to be able to function.
I’m learning where the pitfalls will be in setting up the PREC so that my clients get theirs set up right the first time.
I’m learning new opportunities to save you money through your medical expenses.
So my question to you, do you only search for knowledge from other agents? Or are you willing to learn from different professions to better serve your clients?