It’s a process

One of my favourite movies to watch is Moneyball, the story of the 2002 Oakland Athletics baseball team. A brief synopsis of it – a financially poor baseball team uses excel to be excellent.
I thought I liked the movie because I like baseball and I like numbers. I then watched an explanation of why Moneyball works so well, and I realized it’s much more profound. I’m sharing it with you because of the impact a brief section of the video can have on how we think about our businesses. 
The interesting part is only four minutes long, and I’ve queued up the link below. Sorry for the language. 
Becoming a phenomenal agent doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a process.
It involves getting the right people around you.
It involves narrowing the world down to the clients you work with best.
It involves finding the strategies that you can implement well.
It involves finding your strengths and playing to them.
Keep going. You’re doing great.