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I was talking with my osteopath as I was in for treatment recently about the idea of staying relevant for our clientele. We talked about the fact that this is a problem for many industries and the professionals in them.

Within her industry, new treatment techniques are coming to light on how to treat her clients.
Within the pharmaceutical industry, they are perpetually learning that drugs once thought to be safe are not.

Which is the basis for this email. Have you ever heard of Cocaine Toothache Drops? If you haven’t, feel free to google what people thought was healthy years ago.

When it comes to the real estate world, there are a number of aspects of your business that you need to stay relevant in.

Whether it’s a buyers market or a sellers market.
Where cities are looking to expand to know where the hot market will be.
What staging trends are hot right now.
What aspects of your client’s house you should promote.
What marketing is going to get your prospects to call you.
What platforms you should be marketing on.

And staying relevant in these areas are what will set you apart from the agent that wakes up every day and works like it’s business as usual.

While we’re talking about being relevant, it is essential in the financial planning industry as well.

We know that our clients are changing their goals every year.
We know that your TFSA contribution room and your RRSP contribution room are changing every year.
We know that new strategies come with every change to the tax code.
We know that insurance needs are changing every year.
And with all of those changes, my industry needs to change how we meet with our clients.

Historically, advisors would meet with their clients for a fly-by meeting once a year. A check-in to see if there were any material changes. If not, they would give a quick update on the investments, and the client would be out the door in 30 minutes or less.

You should expect more from your advisor today. If you are stuck with an advisor who calls that kind of interaction with you ‘advice’, maybe it’s time you found someone who will give you the time you deserve.