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Bold Barrel Financial was created with a clear focus: to help those that need it get out of debt, then help them reach every goal they can think of. You worry about the logistics of your goals, let Bold Barrel Financial worry about the finances for you.

Kevin Schuster, CFP

Wealth Advisor

In 2013, I was working in furniture sales. As I was helping a client pick their delivery date for some furniture I had just sold them, I found myself at odds with my job. I was happy to have helped them find what they were looking for, but in our conversation, it was evident that their choices were a little above their price range. I knew that their choices were about to put them into debt, and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

Within 6 months from that time, I found myself changing careers. I knew I enjoyed problem solving, I knew I enjoyed working with numbers, but above all I knew I wanted to help people. That’s how I became a financial planner.

As my client base grew, it became evident that I was focusing on two groups of people – retirees and real estate agents. With that knowledge, I began focusing my training on those groups to better plan for them.

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