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Specializing in optimizing cash flow and planning for the future.

Our Bold Barrel Financial Inc. team understands the complexity that business owners face on a daily basis. Our financial planners have worked with business owners across Ontario and one of the things that stands out to us the most is the fact that a business owner only has a limited amount of time to make their client’s dreams come true.

Don’t wait. Let’s work together to plan for tomorrow today

As a business owner, you work hard every single day to help people. Now you’re left trying to sort out your finances and protecting your assets on top of working long hours. But not when you contact Bold Barrel Financial Inc. You need a financial planner who can help you realize and reach your long-term goals, like a comfortable retirement, living debt-free, or ways to save money on your taxes each year.

We care about your business as much as you do.

When it comes to your personal goals, it can be hard to focus on those things when you’re running a business. That’s why our professionals take the time to sit down with you, understand your income, wants, and needs and, from there, create a financial plan that is tailored to suit your particular needs and within a budget that works best for you. We’re here to support your personal and business goals and help you to succeed in any way that we can.

Is your income protected?

Another thing that people don’t realize is that, as a business owner, you don’t have group benefits offered. An unexpected illness or accident can prevent you from being able to meet with your next big client. When you work with us, we know how important it is to include income protection into your financial plan to ensure that you don’t miss a pay-cheque. Now you can focus on your client without that fear.

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Are you a business owner in Ontario and you aren’t sure what kind of insurance policy you need? Are you working towards getting a house of your own but want to plan around the monthly expenses you face as a business owner? Do you want to start planning for retirement but don’t know where to begin? Schedule a free consultation with us today through Calendly on a day and time that works best for you and we’ll go over your income, business expenses, current assets, current insurance policies, etc., and begin to create a new financial plan that will benefit you long-term.

Financial planning as a business owner professional is crucial.

We know that you face many expenses. From daily life expenses or marketing tools to paying off school debts, renting an office space, and much more, it’s time that you put a plan in place that will actually maximize your cash flow and support you and your family in more ways than you thought possible. Plus, you need to protect the assets and investments that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.