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Bold Barrel Financial Can Help Plan Your Estate

We understand how daunting estate planning may seem after a lifetime of working, saving, and growing your assets. The legal terminology can also confuse even the most prepared individual. It can be tempting to avoid planning your estate for as long as possible, but while death is a guarantee, it is often unexpected. It is crucial to make these important life decisions while you still can. Start planning your estate with a trusted financial advisor today. Bold Barrel Financial can help.

Life Is Rarely Simple But Planning Your Estate Should Be

Life is full of many challenges, but planning for your death shouldn’t be one. Bold Barrel Financial is dedicated to providing every client with the support and strategies they need in order to make the estate planning process as easy as possible.

Our business specializes in four wealth management sectors to ensure that customers can receive comprehensive wealth management services in one place. We have helped people all over Canada better manage their mutual funds, tax, business investment and financial information. You can find all of the help you need at Bold Barrel Financial.

We will coordinate with your legal representatives, financial institutions and your family to help streamline the process of planning your estate. You’ve worked hard for your wealth and business, so make sure to leave a lasting legacy that could help your family and friends to come.

Professional Estate Planning Canada Can Trust

Bold Barrel Financial’s professional estate planning goes beyond documentation and investments. Our financial advisors seek to ensure that the wishes of each individual client are respected and honoured in regard to the dealings of their estate. If you are in search of an advisor that operates on honesty, transparency and trust, look no further than Bold Barrel Financial. Contact us today for all your estate planning needs and rest assured that the management of your estate is in good hands.

Manage Your Estate In One Place

Our business has worked with many people who have found the estate planning process to be impersonal, complex and overwhelming. Oftentimes, individuals are dealing with multiple financial institutions in Canada to manage their income, mutual funds, business investment, or insurance or tax policies. When those sectors don’t communicate, clientele face unnecessary stress while planning for their future. We aim to solve this issue and help make planning your estate easier.

At Bold Barrel Financial, we can consolidate your assets to streamline everything. Some people bank with various institutions over their lifetime, leaving many accounts that may be difficult to coordinate. We can help consolidate your accounts to simplify your tax, retirement funds, and estate planning. By working with our team, a client will also be able to better explain their wants to their legal representations and future executors.

Whether our services are for you, your parents or your grandparents, we aim to help you all better understand the overall financial picture and encourage you to make an investment towards the future of your legacy.

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It Is Never Too Early Or  Too Late 

For Life Insurance

Ensure you and your loved ones are protected in the event of the unexpected. Unfortunately illness, injury and death can happen at any time and can cause financial strain on your entire family. In addition to planning for your estate, be sure to plan for your life. Planning for the worst is oftentimes necessary. You never want to be a burden on another person, so it is never too late to start a life insurance policy in Canada. While rates may vary depending on your age and situation, one of our insurance advisors will offer solutions that are manageable, affordable and fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you address any of your insurance and financial concerns.

Life Is Unexpected, Get Life Insurance For Your Peace Of Mind

We offer insurance advice and services because life, much like death, is unexpected. Sometimes illness and injury can happen, altering the course of your future. If your income stops, mutual funds and investment portfolios can only take you so far. Contact us today to learn out more about the benefits of insurance policies.

Plan For More Than Just Your Retirement

Many people in Canada think that they do not have to plan for life beyond retirement. In reality, it is important to plan your estate and determine how your assets will be distributed. The unexpected can happen at any time, whether you have an estate in place or not. Planning ahead can save your family and friends from having to search for answers.

Bold Barrel Financial also offers comprehensive services for financial and retirement planning.
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