My wife and I woke up one Thursday morning thinking that our watermelon was fine. To be honest, we weren’t even thinking about the watermelon at all. As we headed downstairs though, we knew something was amiss by the smell in the air. As we got to the kitchen, we knew something was amiss with the puddle on the floor.
The problem was – we couldn’t figure out what the issue was because nothing looked wrong. Nothing had moved on the counter so we didn’t think anything of it. The puddle looked like it had come from behind the stove which made absolutely no sense. We cleaned up the water, sprayed a bunch of air freshener and started the day. Until we moved the watermelon, and then we knew the root cause.
The day before, as I opened the car door to grab groceries, the watermelon dropped. It didn’t break in half, so I thought everything was fine. I put it on the counter and my wife and I went about our day. While the watermelon rind didn’t break completely, it did fracture. Over night, it leaked all over the counter, down the cupboards, and all over the floor. When we picked up the watermelon to move it, a large chunk broke apart and even more water gushed out causing us to have to clean up again.
So what does my watermelon have to do with finances … a lot.
Every day you are making financial choices. Some of those choices are going to seem inconsequential today … but can have a huge impact on you tomorrow. 
Not building your financial reserve can cause you to go into debt during the slow months. 
Not starting your retirement planning early can cause you to be working for years longer than expected.
Not getting the right insurance to protect you if something happens could leave you posting a GoFundMe campaign.
And all this can be prevented. Talk to a financial planner and get these things taken care of!