Martin Weiler: I’m here with Kevin Schuster, owner of Bold Barrel Financial, to talk to you about our two firms partnering together. We believe in delivering a better client experience, and this requires time, expertise, and a high level of service, and all of these Kevin brings to the table, which is why we have full confidence in him. He’ll be managing your accounts going forward and will be reaching out to you to introduce himself.

Good to be with you, Kevin. 

Kevin Schuster: Glad to be here Martin.

Martin Weiler: Perhaps you can tell our clients a little bit about yourself.

Kevin Schuster: Thanks, Martin. I got into our industry with the goal of helping clients with their money. I love to work with clients in defining their goals that help them realize their financial potential. The 10 years I’ve been in business have been tremendously rewarding and I’m excited to get to know your clients and provide them with personalized attention and the highest standards of representation.

Martin Weiler: That’s great Kevin. I share that same view and it’s a big part of why we’ve chosen to partner with you and your firm. As we move forward please reach out to Kevin or myself with any questions you may have.

 Any final thoughts Kevin?

Kevin Schuster: Thank you for your trust and confidence in me Martin and I look forward to working with your clients. They’re the reason we’re in business.

Martin Weiler:
Well said, Kevin. Kevin. I wanna thank you for your business over the years and know that you’ll be in safe hands with Kevin.