There’s a good chance we all need this from time to time.

At various times in the year, business is going to be easy.
If you own a restaurant, people are flocking to you on Friday and Saturday nights.
If you are a mechanic, cars are literally driving to your place in October/November for tire changes.
In the real estate world, the only reason you are not selling a house from March to May is if there is a worldwide pandemic occurring.
When you find yourself in your off-season, finding clients can be a lot harder. And that offseason for real estate agents can last a few weeks, or if you are off your game, a few years. When you are spinning your wheels longer than expected, it’s easy to start asking for business a little earlier than you usually would and a little more forcefully than you usually would. And when those two are mixed, it will make you sound desperate. 
So how do businesses battle that feeling when it comes?
Profitable businesses track their business. 
Profitable financial planners track everything about our businesses.
I track …
  • How many people I talk to. 
  • How many people respond to me. 
  • How many people set appointments. 
  • How many appointments turn into business. 
  • How much business is generated.
Then I go backwards.
I take the total amount I made last year and divide it by all the phone calls I’ve made. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll know how much you make just by picking up the phone. 
Every “I’m not interested” you hear gets you one step closer to the next yes, the next appointment, the next client, the accepted offer.
If you do not want to sound desperate, you need to know how much you will indirectly earn before you ever pick up the phone. Start grabbing the phone with that mindset, and everything will change.